LG Repair

LG Repair

Please select your model of the phone listed below and select the fault. Price show is what you pay, No hidden fee or charges. 

We are LG phones and tablet, so we know what we are doing with your phone. We are expert in repairing your LG phones, tablets and watches. No matter whatever comes we give 100% to quality. If you are not happy with the quality of repairs we do 100% money back guarantee. We do repairs like screen repair, glass repair, lcd repair, full lcd replacement, touch screen repair, home button repair, camera repair, power ic repair, mother board repair, water damage repair. Does not matter what is the problem with your phone we can repair it for sure. 

We do four different types of service 

1. Walk in repair service

 No need to book an appointment, just walk in to our office. We will repair it while you wait. Or you could leave it to us and you finish your other work and come and collect        it. or if you want it get it delivered after your device is fixed we can do that as well. 

2. National online device repair- send your phone to us by post 

 As you know we are a national repair company we do repairs from all around the country. We receive gadgets from Europe to get it fixed because we provide quality repair      at very affordable cost.  Purchase your repair and send your phone to us by post for repair. Once it is repaired we will post the phone back to you by special delivery          covers you £500. 

3. We will come to you to fix your gadget 

We also repair locally, we can come to your place to fix your gadgets. No matter where you are home, hotel, restaurant, bar, pub and many more locations. We will come and fix it for you.  At the moment this kind of service is only available in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. 

4. Pick and Drop off service  

If none of the above three service types applies to you, we have this new service, through which we can get your phone collected on your convenient time by well know companies like DHL, Fedex from your doorstep. And once we receive the parcel, we then repair it and send it to you by special delivery, which will covers £500 insurance. 

We have given our best to list all the faults and model of the phone but for some reason if you don't find yours then please give us a shout on given below contact details 

email: sales@ralakde.com

mobile: +44 7401143151

Phone: 01782 563377

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