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We pick out the best portable speakers and best Bluetooth speakers for your home and for travelling

Playing music through the loudspeaker of your smartphone is more often than not a recipe for disappointment. The result is often tinny and lifeless sound and hardly does justice to your favourite tunes.

For many, a simple Bluetooth speaker is the best solution to instantly improving their audio experience. You can take them around the house, they needn’t cost a fortune and many of them sound an order of magnitude larger than they are. They're also a great choice paired with a tablet when watching films, improving both sound quality but volume as well.

We’re going to be looking at exclusively Bluetooth speakers, not big home-bound wireless speakers that just happen to have Bluetooth built into them. If you’re simply looking for a wireless speaker, be sure to check out our multiroom guide as well as our review of our go-to recommendation, the Sonos Play:5.

Music Apollo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - With Many Features - Various Colours


Music Apollo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - With Many Features - Various ColoursThis product is brand ..

Music Mini Speaker


Supports Phone/Laptop/Tablet PC/ Mini Micro Card. Has a 'Buddy-Jack' design: connect to a row of min..

NEW Somho S309 Bluetooth Speaker


NEW Somho S309 Bluetooth SpeakerThis product is brand new and still in its original packaging.Connec..

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