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We Believe in quality that's why we use OEM quality parts 
12 months warranty with all the repairs 
10 point testing before we send the phone to you 
Highly responsive customer service

Wifi Repair Service iPad 2


If your wifi is disconnecting very slow,or simply not working then our trained technician will do th..



If you find that your mobile phone is unable to detect the sim or you are missing the network sudd..



Customisation includes a front screen replacement, in a variety of different colours including the s..



Sometimes you may not be sure about the problem that your mobile phone is facing. Even after sendin..



Just think what will happen if you drop your mobile phone and break the front screen? It may happen..



If you find that your mobile phone is unable to detect the Sim card or you are missing the network s..

Cracked Screen Repair iPad 2


This repair is just for the glass screen replacement, if you need the full LCD replacing please cont..

Software Repair iPad 2


We can’t promise we can make it work, but we can promise an honest assessment of the issues.This ser..

Charging Port Repair iPad 2


If you are having a problem with charging your phone this is the service you choose. This repair ser..

Battery Replacement iPad 2


If your battery doesn't hold it's charge well/won't charge at all, then you're probably best getting..

Headphone Jack Repair iPad 2


Your head phone socket may need to be replaced if you can hear hissing or cracking sounds,the wire h..

Loudspeaker Repair iPad 2


If your quality of sound has dropped, or there is a complete loss of sound,the your loud speaker wil..

Volume Repair iPad 2


If your volume button has become temperamental or stiff,this is the perfect solution for you.Our tra..

Power Button Repair Service iPad 2


If your power button is stiff or not functioning properly our technician will replace the mute butto..

Mute Button Repair iPad 2


If you're having trouble with your mute button or it's stopped working altogether then we can help, ..

Home Button Repair iPad 2


If your home button is not as responsive or stopped working completely,we can repair the wiring, and..

Microphone Fix iPad 2


If your voice constantly cuts in and out during calls,or others can’t hear you when you are talking,..

Front Camera Repair iPad 2


If your camera is cracked, damaged or stopped working all together,your front camera will need to be..

Rear Camera Repair iPad 2


If  your back camera has a loose connection,is scratched, blurry, or simply just not working, t..

Rear Housing Repair iPad 2


Dented, cracked or damaged housing, can be replaced to look like new,  with the expertise of ou..

Water Damage Repair iPad 1


If your iPad has fell into a puddle, fell into the bath or has some how been in contact with any liq..

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